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Holisticanine Organic Kelp

Holisticanine Organic Kelp

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Organic kelp is a superfood source of 46 minerals, 16 protein-building amino acids and vitamins. It contains iodine, which is essential for a healthy thyroid function, and iron which supports blood circulation. Organic kelp also improves dental health by helping to remove tartar and plaque. It also does wonders for the skin and coat, helping you fur baby look and feel their best!

Feeding Instructions: Add 1/4 tsp per 15 pounds to food or in water

*Always consult your veterinarian when adding supplements to your dog's feeding routine.


• 46 minerals & 16 protein-building amino acids and vitamins
• Harvested from the frigid rocky shores of the Atlantic
• 1/4 tsp = 924 mcg Iodine
• 250 mL | 9 oz in a recyclable glass jar


Organic Icelandic Kelp

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